52 Rolls Week 52:52 Retrospective

I’m posting a Baker’s Dozen of my Favorites from the 2016 Project.  This includes:

  • 7 Holgas (120 0r 120N)
  • 2- Mamiya 7
  • 2 Canonet (1 is a photomerge panorama)
  • 1 Holga Panorama Pinhole
  • 1 Mamiya 645

Since this started out as a Holga Project, it is only fitting that more than half are Holga images:

And the Holga Pinhole was featured for Worldwide Pinhole Day:


The Mamiya 6X7 Selections:

The Canonet:

And finally a Mamiya 645 image:


What is in store for 2017?  Taking a different strategy.  From the start I will focus on the camera that is most suitable for what I am doing, rather than picking a single camera for everything.  I will hit all of the formats and camera types that I have:

  • My Rangefinders
    • Mamiya 6, Mamiya 7 and two mystery cameras yet to be introduced
    • The Canonets (old and new versions)
  • The Mamiya 645 will have a very special assignment
  • My Minolta X-700 and XD-11 35 mm
  • Introducing the Rollei TLR
  • Introducing the Horizon Panorama Camera
  • Holgas will make an appearance too

It will mostly be B&W as I await the return of my beloved Ektachrome Professional film towards the end of the year. My first post for 2017 coming this weekend……..

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