Week 50 – Kodak Portra 800 in the mist ….


Slightly out of order again as I shot this roll last weekend and wanted to see how Portra 800 looked as I have never shot it in 120 format before.

The weather was cold and pretty drab with quite a lot of mist up on the mountains here so I thought that it was appropriate to try out the Portra 800 that I bought recently.timdobbsphotography-4timdobbsphotography-1-2I am so impressed with how this film performed and even though there is quite a bit of grain it really adds to the overall look of these images.

I developed and scanned these myself and I am pretty sure that if they were scanned in the lab the amount of detail would have been even better.

These are the 2nd attempt at the scans as my normal workflow of scanning as flat as possible then tweaking them in Lightroom gave very muddy shadows with little detail so I did a little tweaking in the Epson software then had a little bit more to play with in Lightroom.timdobbsphotography-7timdobbsphotography-5I had always heard good things about Portra 800 and it had been years since I previously shot it in 35mm format … I now see why people like it so much.timdobbsphotography-3timdobbsphotography-2timdobbsphotography-6I also want to give a shout out to the meter in my Mamiya 645 that coped really well with this roll.

I was a little concerned that they may have been under exposed due to the amount of mist so I metered at 640 ISO and they were pretty much spot on.timdobbsphotography-10timdobbsphotography-9timdobbsphotography-8I am hoping to process my last outstanding roll tonight then I will only have this weeks shoot to decide on before my 52 Rolls comes to an end.

Thanks for looking…..

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7 thoughts on “Week 50 – Kodak Portra 800 in the mist ….

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  2. Hi Tim, lovely images and writing. May I ask what you developed them in. Which kit? I have quite a stach of Portra and a c41 kit but have yet to devote the time and courage to developing. You have inspitred me and would like to know more. Cheers.

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    • I have the Tetenal kit and I processed them at 30 degrees c as apposed to 38 degrees as I find it easier to control my temps and seem to get more even colours that way … though it does take longer mind 🙂


  3. Excellent results with the home developing. I haven’t tried C-41 yet, but I’ll keep this kit in mind. Color film often lends itself to overcast days.

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