1:52 Rolls

So I decided to take on a project for 2017….shoot 1 roll of film for 52 weeks…I want to thank urbanhafner for letting me contribute to the 52 roll blog page. My job allows me to travel all over the northeast (motor coach driver) so I get to go to a few places, with New York being my favorite !……My first job this year took me to Atlantic City,New Jersey. I find it amazing on the amount of closed buildings there…so here are some of my shots from my 1st roll of 2017…Shooting with a NikonFM on IlfordHP5 400 film…..

I also develop my own and scan , and was quite please how they came out. Here are a few more of the first snow in my area this year…….

well thats it for week one, looking forward for the next year and 52 rolls!!Thanks for looking !

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