Week Five: Behind Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto

These images were made at the Estates of Sunnybrook in Toronto which is comprised of three historic buildings.  The site includes two country manor houses and a coach house built in the late 1920/30s. They were the family homes of two wealthy men, James Stanley McLean, President and founder of Canada Packers (McLean House originally named Bay View) and John James Vaughan, Vice President of the T. Eaton Company (Vaughan Estates originally named Donningvale).  Back in those days the Bayview and Lawrence Avenue area of Toronto was considered “country”. What I found fascinating was the evidence of a fallout shelter on the grounds of the McLean House.

Both manor houses and the Coach House (stone archway house) are now venues for private social and corporate events.  In total, the remaining property covers over 40 acres of land. A portion of the proceeds from these venues go to fund medical research in the nearby Sunnybrook Hospital.

The grounds and buildings are beautiful so I’m planning another visit in the spring.

You can see more of my film work at https://marysmyth.com.

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