Week 1 2017: Rotterdam

So, am I really going to do this again? We’ll see. In 2014 I almost finished a 52 rolls project on this blog. The last few weeks went missing, due to a family emergency. In 2016 I signed up again, and nothing happened. I completely blocked, and photography was not a part of my life for the biggest part of 2016. Unhappy with that creative block, I decided to start 2017 differently. I wanted to get back to photography. To get there, I made a decision at the end of 2016. I would take a break from social media and the internet and I would refocus on things that matter to me. And it seems to work (for now)!

I also decided to start a 52 double exposure project again. I did one in 2015, using my Holga 120N and I enjoyed doing that. It made me take a picture (well, two really) every week. When I mentioned this to Urban, he asked me to post to 52 rolls. And that’s what I plan to do. Since that would only give me the opportunity to post something every 12 weeks (because the Holga takes 6×6 photos), I’m going to try and photograph more often.

Here are the results of week 1. I went out for a walk in my hometown Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Near my house there are some woods and a lake. If I really continue shooting this project, you’ll be seeing a lot more from that in 2017. On that walk I took my Holga 120GN, loaded with Ilford HP5.


Later that week, I also finished a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 that was sitting in my Nikon EM.

And that’s it for week 1. I will be back on social media eventually. If you want to get in touch:

Twitter: @Frau_Inga

Website: http://www.light-camera-inga.com

And I look forward to seeing your work!

6 thoughts on “Week 1 2017: Rotterdam

  1. Rotterdam is such a wonderful city! I’m glad I stuck around it for a couple of days when I was there in 2015, a unique mix of old and new. Also, I have family that lives in a small village outside the city!

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