2-3/ 52 rolls

I’ve had a very busy 2 weeks of work so I wasn’t able to develop and scan until today.A week and a half ago I purchased a yashica mat tlr,but unfortunately when I got it home there was a problem with the focus dial and I had to bring it back where I bought it to be repaired…(Bummer).Oh well hopefully I will have it in a few days and start using it next week, looking forward to that.One of the rolls I shot was when I was in New York,I think I’ve mentioned this before but you could spend a lifetime just shooting there.I’ve been using Ilford HP5 400 film, but this time I switched to Kodak Tri-X 400.I really like both of these…..

Now while in New York,I try to visit one of my favorite places,B & H photo….(its like being in a candy store..lol) when leaving the store at the doorway, there was a mannequin, or was it? It looked so real….I could have sworn it moved, and to tell you the truth I still think it was a human……

Here are a few from week 3 from around where I live……

I’m pretty happy with most of the shots……I really like the kodak Tri-X 400,doesn’t  seem to be as grainy as the HP5….but sometimes grain is good…what do you think? All shot with Nikon FM 50mm 1.8 lens.

6 thoughts on “2-3/ 52 rolls

  1. I will always take Tri-X over HP5, for some reason I cannot really get HP5 in 35mm to a point where I go “yes this is a good film” in 4×5 and 120 HP5 is great! But Tri-X will always be close to my heart.

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