Finally Week 1:52 for 2017

But noting spectacular.  Just a follow-up to Week 49 of last year, where I had a ‘new’ old camera to test:  The Canonet QL-17 from GoodWill:


There was an line/scratch running across the top of the frame.  And there were just too many variables to figure out since the film I used had been hand loaded.  So what made the line?  The Camera? The film loader?  The used film canister?  I reduced the variables by using an off the shelf roll of Ilford Delta 400.  And guess what?  The camera is fine, so it was something to do with the film loading process.

For a test, of course, you don’t want to make images that you’d be upset about if they failed.  So more pics from a nearby park:

First three photos of Andy the wonder dog.  My lovable Norwegian Elk Hound-Malinois mix.  50 lbs of pure joy when there is fresh snow to play in.

And a new trend, Library Sponsored Free will book lending.    Left, at the park; and right, on my street.  One of our neighbors sponsored and built the ‘Book Barn’.

And just a few random images.  I’m always amazed at how miserable my cactus look, and how well they recover in the Spring.

Tech Info:  The ‘Goodwill’ Canonet QL-17, Ilford Delta 400 Film, yellow filter, developed by KellyBlackDog (aka my husband) and scanned on our Epson V700.

We’ll probably use this camera as a car camera, i.e. one that is always left in the car so we have something besides our cell phones to use if we happen upon something interesting.  Do any of you keep a car camera?

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