21/52 Tale of Two Cities

I had a roll of TriX sitting in my Leica M3 after returning from our New York in early January and decided to finish it today.  After working in the morning I paid my first visit to Bolt Coffee a cool new coffee shop in the museum at the RI School of Design.  Then I took a few shots outside.  I had lots of problems loading the roll into the blasted plastic reels.  My Harrison dark bag quickly builds up moisture inside if I don’t get the roll on quickly and once that happens it is curtains.  I tried several different plastic reels and the film was suffering and heaped with moisture so I gave up and rolled it onto a stainless Kasserman reel.  I have never used this type of reel before and the install was poor resulting in the loss of about half the negatives.  What was preserved left me with a group of images from Providence and New York.  The bright side is I saved some.   I get a chuckle from the two shots of the humble wall lamp from a small cafe in NYC.  I shot it 4 or 5 times with 2 different cameras, one being my Yashica T4 that blasted the room with unintended flash.  My daughters watched me and shook their heads.  I do like the images.  On a few I had to crop out areas where the emulsion contacted the film causing ugly spotting from poor loading in the stainless reel.  All in all, what I preserved came out ok.  As I shot outside of the Cafe the yelling from Providence’s version of the woman’s demonstration against Donald Trump could be heard.  I should have gone there to take a few shots but had to get home.  As things stand, I’ll probably have more opportunities to shoot protest marches.

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