Week 52 – Carl Zeiss Jena Flextogon 35mm f2.4


Just before Christmas I picked up a  Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f2.4 in M42 mount which I had heard very good reports about.

I have a few old M42 mount cameras and decided to test it with my trusty Praktica MTL 5B and some expired Kodak Colorplus.colourplus004-edit colourplus005-editIt was a pretty cold day but clear skies and quite bright sunshine which I hoped would not be a problem as I did not have a lens hood.

To be fair even with the slight haze from the sun the lens performed really well and I imagine if I had used Ektar and shot out of the sun then the sharpness of this lens would shine.colourplus020 colourplus019 colourplus018-editMore info on this classic lens can be found here :


When wide open the out of focus areas are quite creamy and I would like to shoot some colourful night shots with it next time.

colourplus008Overall I am very pleased with this lens and especially as I had it for peanuts that was a bonus.

Well I managed to complete this challenge of 52 rolls ( I actually shot way more to be fair ) and really enjoyed the experience and following how everyone else got on throughout the year.

Thanks for looking…..

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5 thoughts on “Week 52 – Carl Zeiss Jena Flextogon 35mm f2.4

  1. Hi Tim, I have a similar lens (35/2.8) in Exacta mount. I just did a camera review on the Emulsive.org website and posted some of the images made using it. It is a beautiful lens.


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