Week 2:Winter in Colorado

The cold weather makes it a bit harder for my wife and I to get out on weekends and travel around Colorado looking for interesting things to photograph. Neither one of us handles anything under 40 deg. F very well because of fibromyalgia and arthritis. Sometimes we just have to brave the consequences and just do it. She’s in the first year of serious film and digital photography and I’ve been fooling around with both for quite a few years. We have simple and inexpensive equipment and are usually quite happy with the results and always manage to learn something new. My week two pics are using a Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 point and shoot loaded with cheap Kentmore iso 400 b&w and a Canon Sure Shot 70Zoom using Lomography C41 ISO 400. Shooting with cameras that don’t give you a lot of control over settings can be a challenge and adding cheap film to the mix creates images that  are anywhere from ‘interesting’ to ‘way out there’.

These were taken late afternoon at the Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado very close to the famous rock amphitheater where so many bands have performed over the years. They’re pics of the same formations using two different cameras and films. They’re commercially processed at a local lab and scanned with an old Epson Perfection 4490 Photo scanner using the built in ‘Digital Ice’ dust removal.

Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 – Kentmore ISO 400 b&w


Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom – Lomography 400


8 thoughts on “Week 2:Winter in Colorado

  1. Nice. I never seem to get to the south side of town to photograph……need to make more of an effort. And Welcome to the Group!


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