Week 4 / 52 rolls

Week 4 is here and I’m just a little excited as of yesterday I picked up the Yashica Mat TLR that I had brought back last week to be repaired….problem with the focusing….all fixed ! Now this is the first time i’ve ever used one of these and also first time i’ve ever shot 120 film…..loaded it up and couldn’t wait for today…..woke up to a day of rain, cold ,just plain rotten…..but,that wasn’t gonna stop me….so I drove around and took some shots…..I used a light meter that I got in the app store for my iPhone…..it was pretty right on…..I developed ,I scanned ,and heres my first shots with the yashica mat……

Thats straight out of the camera, from develop to scan….not to bad…..I think the iPhone light meter did a pretty good job…..the first photo not sure what happened there….have to get used to composition as looking through the veiwfinder is a different experience…maybe use the tripod more next time..but I think I’m gonna like this yashica mat. I used IlfordHP5 400 film, thanks for looking!

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