Season 2, Week 1 – APAP

trix-push-01-8-of-8I wasn’t at all sure if I’d do another year of 52 Rolls (and I’m not 100% even now), but I seem to have come to an arrangement with myself to carry on, albeit with a reduced set (self-imposed) ‘rules’.

Last year, I finished a roll in 51 of 53 weeks. I processed and scanned them as soon as possible, usually on the Sunday at the end of the week, and wrote a post here as soon as I could.

It was a lot of fun and I shot more than a 100 rolls, bought two new cameras and, most importantly, made some of the best pictures I ever have.

But at times it was stressful*. Going out on a rainy Sunday afternoon, having to shoot something (and not just anything) was hassle I could have done without after a busy week. Processing black and white at home, one roll at a time is less time-efficient than doing it in batches, and posting individual colour films to the lab costs the same as posting ten.

And so this year, I’ll shoot when I want and blog it when I get around to it. I’m sure I’ll shoot 52 rolls, but they’ll be shot when I have something to shoot.

I also want to leave a little more time between taking the pictures and seeing them. I won’t go as far as Eric Kim and leave it a year but I really like the idea of removing the memory of how the picture was taken from the results. A Gary Winogrand quote (in case you didn’t follow the link):

“Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the picture as judgment that the photograph is good.”

So, with seven rolls already shot in the first four weeks and four exposed, colour rolls at home, waiting to be sent off for processing – I’m sort of sticking to it. But before I decided on these guidleines for the year, these snaps were shot and processed during week one. They show a walk with Emily and some experiments with double exposures of bridges under the A6 in the Soar valley, and the concrete texture of the structure.


*I realise that it isn’t REAL stress.


Canon EOS5 with a 40mm STM, Kodak T-Max400 pushed 1 stop, processed in Ilford Ilfotec HC.

9 thoughts on “Season 2, Week 1 – APAP

  1. It will be nice to see your photos around here for another year. I am thinking I might post once a month and go on trying to shoot at least one roll per week. The single post for 4 weeks would mean I had to choose just a few from each week and perhaps up the average standard a bit as a result. Decision time is coming up as we are near the end of the month and I have shot 7 or 8 rolls so far.

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  2. I had similar feeling last year when I ‘locked myself’ into using the Holga. I was shooting with it just to do so, and it wasn’t always the appropriate camera for the subject. So I ended up shooting with other cameras anyway. And then you do feel stressed and end up shooting twice. I often shoot 2-3 rolls at a time and then post them as separate weeks. When you are busy with life and work, sometimes that’s the ony way to get it done. Glad that you are sticking with it for another year…….

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