Week 2: Instax

For week 2 I didn’t have much time to shoot. We did up our guest bedroom, because we had friends coming over from Ireland. But I managed to shoot some Instax, both mini and wide.

For the Instax mini shots I used my Fuji Mini 90 camera. The wide ones were shot with a Lomo’Instant wide camera that was gifted to me by my friend Alex. He didn’t like it much, and he very kindly sent it to me. I’m still getting to know the camera, but I do like the results so far. This week I experimented with the close up lens that came with the camera. I put the camera on the tripod and measured the 10cm distance between lens and subject. My subjects were some of the scarves I crocheted in the last few weeks. I was really happy with how they turned out.


Part of my film stash…


Part of my bookshelf


Decaying tulips. These were all made with the Fuji Mini 90.


All shot with the Lomo’Instant Wide.

4 thoughts on “Week 2: Instax

  1. The wonders of instant, even if you aren’t up for shooting/processing roll film, you can still shoot analog. I’ve gotten out of the format personally, but I know my cameras have all gone to good homes.


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