Women’s March Seattle

What an amazing day!  It’s estimated that over 120,000 people marched for women’s rights on January 21.



And then we all ended up at Seattle Center.


I shot only film with a Canon Elan7ne and a 20mm f/1.8 Sigma lens, and a random variety of film stocks.  I shot about 9 rolls.     When scanning, I used Epson’s checkbox for color correction, but still had to try myself to do a bunch of color correction in Lightroom. It was an overcast day.

It’s hard to shoot crowds when you’re in them.   I was very often looking for higher vantage points to capture the enormous size of the crowds.     I should have brought along my extendable painter’s pole and this ball head adapter.   I picked up the pole at the hardware store, opting for the 4′ one, that can be extended to 8′.   It’s a very portable length, and 8′ is high enough.    I could set my SLR on a timer and hoist it up.   (Or, I can remotely control a GoPro or my Sony a7s, and shoot all I want while seeing “through the viewfinder” on my phone.)

If you’d like to see even more of my photos from that day, head over here.

Out of so many people, I didn’t see too many film cameras.   I saw one Land camera, about 10 SLRs, and 3 Leicas.    Lots of digital point & shoot cameras.   I guess I thought everyone had ditched those and were just using their phones.

6 thoughts on “Women’s March Seattle

  1. Nice images! I also shot the events in Nashville on film. I chose to shoot it with my Olympus OM1 and TRI-X. I wanted to go for the documentary look. I shot 5 rolls between the silent inauguration and the march. I went back and forth between my 28mm and 50mm lenses. I hope to have all the rolls developed and scanned over the next several weeks. I had a great time documenting these events.

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  2. Thanks for capturing this event. I wanted to go to the Denver March, but it was very cold and I was fighting off a bout of Bronchitis. Not a good combination. I’ll be looking forward to all of the March Posting……


  3. Resistance is Awesome! I wanted to attend the one in Toronto, but sadly life got in the way (wedding in a few months). Thanks for posting these!


  4. Love these. I took a few rolls at our local march, which was about 40,000. But i’m not posting them here due to my “medium format only” rule for this year. The signs and the diversity of the crowds were amazing at all the marches!


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