52 Rolls Week 2:52

I’m introducing my Schrödinger’s Kit.  That mystery camera I had mentioned in my 2017 Plans.  So what is a  Schrödinger’s Kit you ask?


(Full credit here to TPINAC)

Why did I NEED this camera?  Need is a ridiculous question to ask a photographer, especially hobbiests, who often tote around more gear than professionals……

Introducing a new Camera to the Family:  the Fuji GA645Zi:


Follow this link for a full review of the camera (better than I could ever write). Some selections from my first Test Roll:


Above, a wildlife preserve near my home; below, testing the close-focus capabilities.


View the rest of the test roll results (and my rationale for the purchase) here.

Tech Info:  Fuji GA645Zi, Kodak T-MAX 400 with a Yellow Filter; Developed at home by kellyblackdog (still trying to convince him to join us again this year) in Clayton F-76 developer, standard developing time and temperature; scanned on my Epson V700.

4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 2:52

    • Most are in Japan if you look on Ebay. I don’t know that it was marketed much in North America. I had a really bad experience trying to buy one from overseas. Finally did find one in the U.S.

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