Accidental Double Exposure

My friend Scotland found a Pentax point & shoot in the thrift store, and gave it to me to finish the roll.   The batteries were dead.

I think the roll had been shot, and rewound, but when I put in new batteries, it thought it was a fresh roll.    I went to an all-day brunch party.

I’m delighted by the results.   I really like how you need to turn off one of the images in your mind to see the other, sometimes.

I really like how some of these are yellow.



The house has a big 2nd story balcony over the back yard.



He’s in a boat!



My favorite.



The brunch host rented a Bobcat to play with.  We all took a turn.  Here, someone’s destroying a clothes dresser.  The boat in the background is sitting across the alley.



I REALLY  like how that one girl’s face is peeking out from that woman’s jacket.


If you’re into double exposures and are on Facebook, check out a double exposure film swap group a friend of mine made.

9 thoughts on “Accidental Double Exposure

  1. I really like the contrast between the greenpeace people taking action in the middle of the ocean and a bunch of people having a bobcat for brunch 😀 Apart from that, colours and the way some of them are just looking as if they’re supposed to be like that is outstanding.


  2. There’s definitely a story to the original images. The way yours overlaid is pretty great, especially since it was all unintentional. I love double exposures and have been doing full rolls of them recently. Maybe I’ll try a medium format set as part of my Year 2 project.


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