22/52 Off to the Cowboy Hall of Fame

We have a small group of photographers in my town, largely sharing images on a private Facebook page.  We photographers are largely lone wolves.  I finally cobbled together a “meet-up” for acquaintance outside of cyber-space.  We had a wonderful time, shared some Lightroom tips, had some pizza and drinks.  Lisa Greany Raiola told of her pending trip to Montana where she was born.  Her uncle is being inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame from his achievements in rodeo.  He is 91 years old.  Lisa is a wonderful photographer, strictly digital.  But I got the idea to send her off with my Minolta Autocord.  Big negatives were made for big skies and great portraits.  She agreed, a real gamer.  I demonstrated the camera to her over coffee today and we’ll do one more run before Lisa departs.  I trust she will enjoy the experience with the Minolta and for her and for me, I took some shots demonstrating the capabilities of this wonderful camera.  Mine is suffering a bit from age and needs to be lubricated, but it remains very capable.  There are a few left-overs from the loaded roll from Christmas (finished today) including a portrait of me taken by my nephew Teddy a budding photographer with talent in spades.  The Minolta’s lens is sharp and contrasty and the viewfinder is big and bright if a bit scuffed.  It lends itself to portraiture from its curiosity.  People see it and want to be subjected by the Minolta.   Good luck to Lisa with the camera.  I wish you and the Autocord and your family (especially your uncle)

picturesque skies and smiles worth remembering.

3 thoughts on “22/52 Off to the Cowboy Hall of Fame

    • Thank you Kelly. Unfortunately this camera went kaput, focus knob broke off. It’s on its way back from repair. I love it. Lens is sharp and contrasty. It is lightweight. I am in the process of shedding gear but this one is a keeper.


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