Week 49: Winding things up

Hi again. Ended up taking a longer break than I intended. So to finish off last year’s project, I’m posting a number of negatives I discovered hadn’t been developed.

These shots were made in the fall. We were driving north from Silverton CO toward Ouray along highway 550. It was a stormy day giving us wonderful clouds and we pulled out a view point at the pass.


These two shots are slightly different takes on the same view to the north. I cropped the second one to make it more of a panorama.


This is a view from the south.


I’m reasonably happy with the images, but I clearly have some problems with dust that I need to work better on controlling.

All images were made with my B&J 4×5 press camera, 150 mm normal lens, Atomic-X film exposed at EI 100. Developed in Clayton F76+ developer, and scanned on an Epson V700 flat bed scanner.

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