Weeks 7,8 and 9: A Mix

Week Seven: Winter just begs for black and white so I gave in…These images were made along Queen Street East, Toronto.000006320005000006320006000006320004000006320002000006320003000006320001000006320007000006320010000006320008

Week Eight: It’s still winter and while I do not shoot alot in black and white and when I do it must be Kodak Tri-X, I was rather enjoying it.  I also wanted to give Ilford XP2 another try.  I do not love it yet, but what I do love is that the lab can process the film as colour/C-41 which means I get it back faster.  Big love.  000023100003000023110005000023110006000023110002000023110003000023110010000023110008000023100009000023100010

Week Nine: And back to colour.  It was a VERY grey January in Toronto and I had to find a bit of colour to brighten my day.  These images were made along Queen Street East which is one of my absolute favourite streets.  I should add some of them were down back laneways off the main road.  000023120001000023120002000023090002000023090001000023120010000023090010000023090008000023090007

You can see more of my film work at https://marysmyth.com.

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