Week 6: Rollei 35 & Ektachrome Elite 400

Dreary winter days are not the best times to shoot Ektachrome. I wanted to try a roll from the batch that a friend gave me and also to give the Rollei 35 I’d traded for my Olympus XA a go.

The Rollei worked well and the size made it nice for carrying around in my coat pocket. The down side is its too fiddly to use as a grab and go quick snap camera. By the time you get it set the moment you’re trying to capture is gone. It might be ok if you know ahead of time what lighting and subjects you’re after and preset the everything. Even then it’s easy to bump the focus accidentally and end up with blurry pics. It’s best used when you’ve got the time to spend setting up your shots and you’ll be rewarded with great looking photos.

The Ektachrome had been in the freezer for a long time and shooting at the rated iso produced decently exposed pictures. It’s too bad the weather didn’t cooperate. The day was grey, cloudy and cold and the film reproduces the conditions nicely. I haven’t used slide film for ages and have forgotten what to expect. Maybe the age of the film caused it to have a bit more grain than I expected or my scanner isn’t up to the job. Back in the stone age we projected the images on the wall of our cave and then traced over them with some charcoal and plant based paints but that’s another story.

Most of these are from the area near my workplace in Lakewood, Colorado USA.

9 thoughts on “Week 6: Rollei 35 & Ektachrome Elite 400

  1. These are very nice images. I shot with my Rollei last week at night. It is a bit of guesswork. I think if you use F8 and not worry about depth of field you can be less fussy about focus point. It is a very finicky camera but the lens is sharp as you demonstrate. Well done.

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    • Thanks! My Rollei has an issue with the aperture linkage that makes the f stops non linear and the by the time it’s reading f11 it’s actually about f22. It looks like a complete removal of the front is in order but it’s less trouble to just eyeball the aperture size and call it good. I’ll take your advice next time and park it on f8 and adjust shutter speed. I like the sharp lens too. This is my first Rollei 35.


  2. These are very nice. I picked up a Rollei last year and had a hard time the first few rolls because, as you say, it’s fiddly. But I took it along on a group photo walk a couple months ago and loved that it fit right in my pocket. If you’re not super anal – which I’m not- you can shoot pretty quickly with it. Anyway, I do love its portability and that lovely lens. I’m thinking of taking it as one of my travel cameras when I go to Japan in April.

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    • Thanks. I have tendency to want things to work just so and it’s taken me a long time to realize that there are some things that just can’t be fixed and that I’m going to have to learn to live with my cameras’ idiosyncrasies. Funny that my wife had to learn that early in our marriage. πŸ™‚ Hope you have an enjoyable trip.

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    • Thanks. Hopefully as the weather improves I can try some more of the Ektachrome and get more colorful results. πŸ™‚ Winter here can be drab.


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