2017, Roll 5 -Too Much Kissing

One of the downsides to posting individual rolls to the 52 Rolls blog is that pictures will be posted up out of context. If you’re the type of photographer that gathers pictures  into collections over many years, the shots on a roll will often be quite eclectic and not make a lot of sense when shown together.

That’s my excuse for the smörgåsbord that follows anyhow…

First up, a few snaps from my cycling club’s cyclocross event. It rained so hard that I didn’t want to expose the precious Fuji more often than necessary and so only got a these pictures with it. I shot plenty digitally – you can see those pictures here.


The Racer


The Organiser



The Pit Crew

And the rest of the roll are views of local, industrial sites…


The Mountsorrel Conveyor


A Bench With A View (of a power station or a crossroads with a terrible accident history)


Plats Is Gay

…and a house that I found quite mesmerising…2017005-002I mentioned in a previous post that I was experimenting with and re-learning my GW690ii that had been away on loan for a while. While it was gone through most of last year, 52 Rolls had made me think differently about film, how it performed and how I used it. I hope to shoot much more with the Fuji and so this was an early test of how good it looks, even when using 400 speed film in varied (but because it’s January, generally dark) conditions.


Fuji GW690ii, Kodak Portra 400, processed and scanned by FilmDev.

One thought on “2017, Roll 5 -Too Much Kissing

  1. Shhhhhhhhh! don’t tell anyone, but I have no problem with splitting rolls between post. It’s Okay! I seldom post an entire roll, because, not all the images are worth posting. I’ve gotten pickier.

    Just looked up your camera, NICE!

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