8 / 52 rolls.net……NYC

Week 8 Roll 8 took me to NYC. My job was at the Javits Convention Center,shuttling to Hotels.Usually I will bring my bag of stuff (Nikon digital,Bronica film) but Ive worked the Javits before so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of time,so I just brought my NikonFM …and one roll of Ilford HP5.On one of my breaks I took a walk to the High Line. I recommend if you go to NYC make sure you spend some time there, great views.

Another day I had time to walk around……….

the next ones are my favorites……the architecture, and sneaking up behind this person taking a photo with his phone……

My next job I am leaving for 9 days to Mrytle Beach….Johnson and wales baseball team….they go there every year, so I will probably be combining rolls 9 and 10 ,I will be shooting plenty on this trip, thanks for looking !

9 thoughts on “8 / 52 rolls.net……NYC

  1. Always love architecture…..and Citiscapes. NY is always interesting…I captured one of those cell photographers last year trying to get the perfect selfie with the State Capitol. Since he wouldn’t move I incorporated him too……

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