Week 8: Clunky But Cool

My wife and I like to do Saturday and holiday trips around central and southern Colorado when the weather is nice. Since we both had President’s day off last Monday we decided to take a trip and do some random photography.

Picking the destination isn’t always easy since we’ve covered a lot of the major scenic destinations in the last couple of years. We decided on Pueblo since we hadn’t been for there for three or four years and they’ve been working on renovating the older part of town. Also it’s only a couple of hours south of Denver which isn’t a hard enough drive to wear us out. In some ways being an antique person has it’s downsides unless you’re talking about the senior discounts which are great for food and buying cameras at thrift stores.

There’s a nice Riverwalk with walking paths in both sides that are lined with interesting water oriented art and sculptures. Besides not really being a river but a long man made concrete canal it’s an OK place for taking some cool pics, enjoying coffee shops and cafes, and checking out several antique stores for -what else? Cameras!

I like it when just a out every store has a number of old cameras to choose from. My wife picked up a Universal Roamer II folding camera in excellent condition for $22. It was the envy of the Vintage Camera Collectors Facebook group. 

I’ve been trying to work on being more selective about feeding my GAS and passed over about 20 before I found my toy. It’s a clunky but cool Kodak vr35 k12 35mm point and shoot from about 1986. What caught my eye was the F2.8 Ektar lens and the fold up flash that doubles as a lens cover. I’ll buy just about any point and shoot that has an F2.8 lens just to see whether it’s bragging or the real deal. 

It’s an elegant plastic brick that weighs almost a pound. It uses a nine volt battery and squeaks and squeals like wind up toy when you press the shutter and the film advances. And, it produces really decent photos. What’s there not to like about it?

This week’s roll is Kodak Max 400.

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