26/52 Sedona

I had a great time in Scottsdale and one day in Sedona this week.  The time in Sedona was spent on a trail in the mountains, crossing a frigid stream in frigid knee deep water and viewing the awesome rock formations.  One is always looking for spots to pull to the roadside to photograph the beautiful vistas.  I hope to go back again next year and now that I have somewhat of the lay of the land, better photographs on the second try.  All of these shots were taken with a Rolleiflex 2.8F, Kodak TriX.  I developed them in HC 110, some conventionally and then using Ansel Adams’ formula of 1:119 dilution for 18 minutes, agitating for the first minute then every 3 minutes.  The stop sign shot and winding road image used this technique.  This area is nirvana.

7 thoughts on “26/52 Sedona

  1. I love the winding road shot.

    Curious: I’m seeing vertical dark streak patterns that emanate from the top of the frame in the shots with wide open sky. Something happen in your chemistry?


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