Week 0 of 2017: A course correction

After struggling to complete all of my posts on time in 2016, I was originally going to take a break from 52 rolls in 2017. But after reading many of the final posts and seeing everyone’s work for the new year, I was motivated to change the way I’d done things and participate in 2017.

In 2016 I exposed a lot of film from a variety of cameras. What I didn’t get a lot of time to focus on is printing those negatives. So for 2017 I want to commit to at least one silver wet print a month. That print might be from a new negative, but most likely it will be from a negative made in 2016. This will give me an opportunity to show side by side the differences between a scan and a physical print. At least that’s the idea I have in mind.

This last fall I got a new Intrepid 4×5 camera from their Kick-Starter (https://intrepidcamera.co.uk). So I plan to make at least one 4×5 image a month.

I want to do some film comparisons. I plan to shoot two different rolls of film using the same exposure, from the same location, one immediately after the other. I want to try and gain an understanding of how different films look.

One of the most common posts I see on the forums is about film choice. the second most common is asking what developer to use. So In addition to the film tests I want to try varying developers to see what impact that has on identical images. I plan to focus on D76, HC110, and PMK Pyro.

I think this will keep me very busy in 2017. I have 10 rolls of 120 shot so far this year sitting in the darkroom that need to be developed. Once processed and scanned, I’ll officially begin my posts for the year.

3 thoughts on “Week 0 of 2017: A course correction

  1. I’m glad you, too, decided to return, I think setting new challenges is the key. I’m looking forward to your film comparisons. I’ve never been very consistent about this and tend to shoot anything and everything, not always with the best result. Looking forward to your posts.


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