Week 5: Redscale, trees and selfie experiments

img_0083a(LC-A+ and Fuji Neopan 400)

In week 5 I went for a walk with my Holga 120GN, loaded with Lomography Redscale 100 film, and my LC-A+, loaded with Fuji Neopan 400. It was the start of #BIFscale17 (or February Redscale month), and I wanted to join in. Unfortunately most of my redscale shots this week were rubbish. They were underexposed (even the double exposures) and there was a weird blue cast on the scans, probably from the backing paper. These two were the best from the bunch.


Luckily, the shots from the LC-A+ turned out better:


This year, I want to experiment with self portraits (because I hardly ever do them). I took some self portraits with Hipstamatic my iPhone on the walk, and doubled them with nature photos. At home I printed them on expired Impossible BW film with my Impossible Instant Lab.

Since I really enjoyed doing them, I will probably do more over the year.

4 thoughts on “Week 5: Redscale, trees and selfie experiments

  1. Wow, portraits are very nice. I actually like the first two double exposures with the blue patches. Reminds me of an impressionistic painting.


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