27/52 Fort Adams/Horseneck

I did a very brief search of the history of this fort at the mouth of Newport RI harbor.  The property was originally granted to William Brenton by the King of England.  Eventually from its location it evolved to an observation place and finally in 1799 the country’s first shore battery installation was installed in this spot.  There are 5  24lb cannon located around the fort, all built according to articles before 1800 and these were the largest cannon of the time.  The cannon were all recovered from the waters offshore of the fort.  Oddly I have lived in Rhode Island for the better part of my life but I have never walked these grounds.  I have traced my Irish ancestry back to 1825 to Patrick Buckley in New York.  Given he was born in 1825 I venture a guess that he served in the Civil War.  I will try to determine if that is true.  Today was not the optimal day, it was absolutely cold and the wind was piercing.  There were no clouds.  I hoped to get some pictures of the violent sea but the ocean side of the island was not boiling.   There remain many remnants from demolished parts of the fort strewn about the shore, and there are the icy remains of an old pier.  I have not shot Fuji Acros in a long time and decided to give it a try.  I researched on the best speed to expose it for but on my walk of course I left my meter in the car so I just worked from Sunny 16 and instinct.  Ironically this is one of my first rolls with 12 good exposures.  I post only 7 since the others are repetitive, with 2 similar cannon images anyway.  My plan is to move to 35 mm for the forseeable future.  It is time for me to get in closer to people and things.

The Fort images are a bit lifeless so I have added some shots taken yesterday with an Olympus XA, a true gem of a little camera.  Horseneck Beach, Westport Massachusetts.

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