Week 8: Instant Lab fun


In week 8 I had fun with my Impossible Instant Lab. My husband and I went out for drinks and a snack, followed by the movies. We went to a modern Mexican / South American restaurant in Rotterdam. I took some pictures with my phone, and at home I printed them on Impossible Colour Film with the Impossible Instant Lab. They turned out really nice.


And at the cinema I ordered my favourite film snack and took a picture of it.


And then there was this abandoned rocking horse that someone left at the garbage containers….. (Polaroid Spectra and Impossible BW film)


4 thoughts on “Week 8: Instant Lab fun

  1. Interesting idea. I’d missed this up until now. Images turned out great. Some of the best quality Impossible project prints I’ve seen. So what’s on the menu at a “modern” Mexican / South American restaurant out there? Here its the traditional fare such as tacos, tamales, enchiladas, etc. At a more upscale place there will be fish and meat dishes as well?


    • It’s more the interior than the menu, I think. A traditional Mexican restaurant in the Netherlands usually looks a bit tacky, and this has a more modern feel. 😉


  2. These are a great example of how even the everyday can make for fun pictures. I’m inspired to drag out the Impossible Lab I bought 6 months ago and have never used.


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