Ruins of a mining town

I and a few friends visited the ruins of an old mining town, Franklin, Washington, last Sunday.   It’s just some mining operations foundations, a really deep hole, and an overgrown cemetery.
I brought along a Yashica-Mat, and a few point & shoot cameras.   Notably, an Olympus Stylus Epic zoom 80.   I developed the film at home in Diafine.

Here’s some from the YashicaMat.   It’s an affordable TLR, and quite common.   F/3.5.



Old water trestle



And the 35mm:


Dropping rocks down a 1300ft (396 meter) hole.  You can listen to hit hitting the walls for a very long time.


Hoist for system for lowering mining cars down a shaft by cable


It was quite a fun short hike.  I’d do it again for sure.  There were more foundations of buildings not pictured here.


6 thoughts on “Ruins of a mining town

  1. Nice shots, the film that you used worked well with the Diafine. Great sense of scale in the image of the foundation with you or a friend standing on it. The portraits are nice.


  2. I really like the atmosphere of these shots. I especially like the square format of the Yashica. Now I am wishing I hadn’t broken up with mine in a moment of guilt about having too many cameras. Perhaps I’ll seek out another, using as my excuse that my 52 rolls this year are all dedicated medium format. 🙂


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