Roll 3 The Pentax may be unwell

I have definitely underutilized this great camera and intend to change that this year. I recently purchased a 200mm lens for it but haven’t tested it out, due to the fact that the ensuing ensemble really requires a tripod and I haven’t got a shooting spot in mind for this yet. However, this roll led me to suspect that the camera might have a problem and, indeed, the next roll confirmed that. You will see that there’s a slight “hesitation” in some of the images, almost like a double exposure but not. Diagnosis is a probable issue with the film advance mechanism. These also were developed at home as part of my continuing effort to do it myself and in the process save some $$ as well as getting the satisfaction of it.

Some of the shots showed virtually no sign of problems (except for my less than perfect scanning).

This one showed a slight sign of the issue


Home dev Pentax 67005

The remainder obviously had a problem although at this point I thought it might be operator error in improperly advancing the film, especially since the film advance lever tends to be stiff.

I really liked the effect on this one, actually, as it was pretty much an unintentional double exposure.

Home dev Pentax 67001

The more I use this camera the more I like it. This makes the prospect of a visit to the doctor all the more upsetting. The next roll is another from the Isolette using fresh film.

3 thoughts on “Roll 3 The Pentax may be unwell

  1. I’ve seen this in one of my cameras and I agree it has something to do with the advance mechanism. If you love the camera it’s worth fixing. Also, when you get an estimate. Check ebay and see if you can buy another one for the cost of the repair.


    • I have one more roll to post, but it is currently at the shop. Cost to fix is nearly what I paid for it, but I’ve developed a personal attachment to it. And when repaired I will know it’s 100% as opposed to taking a chance on a “new” one.


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