Roll 4 More lurking in alleys

I took the Isolette out again, this time with a roll of fresh Portra 400. I am really enjoying my overarching theme of finding weird stuff in my town. I have explored so many back alleys and obscure streets and found lots of stuff I never knew was there. Part of my mission now for this project is to document all this weirdness as it is slowly being swallowed up by gentrification, as one would expect in a seaside town.

I like the Isolette a lot. It’s easy to carry around, the lens is good, and I’m getting more used to the weird aperture setting ring. I detect some lens flare in some of these shots and may have to improvise a shade of some sort for bright days since there’s no kind of hood for a folding camera. These are some of my favorite shots from the alley explorations.

This last one is not only my favorite from the roll, but one of my favorite shots I’ve made in a long time. I parked in a little cul de sac between two giant blufftop condo/apartment buildings. Right on the edge of the cliff was a tiny park and a set of steep stairs leading down to the beach (which feature in a upcoming roll). As I looked to my right I saw this amazing scene right out of an early 60s movie, complete with poolside chairs.

Isolette 2008

Unfortunately the scan brings out some imperfections in my developing process, but I’ve learned as lot as I’m going along. I looked long and hard to determine why this particular image was so captivating to me. I finally figured out that the setting, combined with the colors, look like something that might appear in the work of Larry Sultan, one of my all time favorite photographers. If you’re not familiar with his work, check it out, especially  the series “Pictures from Home” and “The Valley”.

6 thoughts on “Roll 4 More lurking in alleys

  1. I like that last shot as well. The setting and the colors are beautiful. I will have to check out Larry Sultan’s work. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you. I love the colorful gate with the “Bad Mood Dog” sign. You may see it here again. Also check out Larry Sultan – esp. The Valley if you want some interestin Californiana.

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  2. Brings back memories That pools shot really looks like it could have come out of the like in the 70’s in southern California. I’m constantly amazed at the rate of change in places I grew up in. Its never a bad idea to preserve the state of your surroundings every so often.


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