29/52 Port Before the Storm

Winter is holding fast in New England.  These shots were taken last Sunday before the forecasted massive nor’ easter that at least for coastal Rhode Island did not materialize.  The expected 18 inches of snow turned into a short time of snow and a long day of punishing wind and rain.  These shots were taken in the Port of Galilee in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  It is a major fishing port.  Seeing the ice on these vessels in port makes one appreciate the fortitude of those who take them to sea.  The images are lesson to me in the latitude of color negative film.  The shots were made with Fuji Superia 400.  I rated the film at 200 and used a hand held meter for shadows.  I did not learn until much later in the day that my meter was set to overexpose for a filter so the readings were overexposed by a stop and a half.  That makes 2.5 stops of overexposure on most of the shots unless I used Sunny 16 ignoring the meter.  I remember thinking how different my readings were from what I would use for Sunny 16 but did not make the logical leap.  I still like them and will continue to overexpose color negative film voraciously.  I like the colors from Fuji Superia.  I have ordered some Agfa Vista 200 since I love the colors from that film and hope to post some images from that film in the next few weeks.  Thanks to Printmakers, Pawtucket RI for the great scans of my negatives.  Leica M3, 50mm F2 collapsible Summicron lens.

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