TLR meetup

A group of photo nerds and I went out on a rainy day for a twin lens meetup.    I brought a Mamiya C220 (135mm f/4.5 lens) and an Imperial Reflex.

The Maimya TLRs are such great cameras, and can make great shots.  I hadn’t shot with this 135mm lens before, and I was kinda surprised at the focal vignetting.  In many shots, it was much softer focus at the edges.  But that made for some good dreamy-like shots.
Here’s my favorite:

I was keeping an eye on the lens, to make sure raindrops weren’t getting on it.  I think all the out of focus stuff is the lens itself.


Film Nerds



I really like how this one turned out



Burned abandoned house


As for the Imperial Reflex, it had even greater focus vignetting.  I guess that would be great for some situations.   I don’t know whether to sell it immediately or keep it for just the right circumstances.  Its a lot like using a flipped lens.   If you’re going for really dream-like soft focus, its great.    (Except that there’s only one aperture and one shutter speed.)   Here are samples:
Imperial Reflex IMG_618Imperial Reflex IMG_585Imperial Reflex IMG_611Imperial Reflex IMG_613Imperial Reflex IMG_619

Despite the rain, it was a really fun day walking around shooting with friends.


3 thoughts on “TLR meetup

    • It’s good fun! I run a group in Toronto, the Toronto Film Shooters we meetup about four times a year on a regular basis to go out and shoot and there are one off meets as well!

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