12 / 52 rolls……Blah

Could it be the weather? First day of spring so I thought I would go for a walk,with the Bronica of course,I started this am at East bay bike path east providence….

It was a little windy and cool(what else new) and for first day of spring,I dont even think the tulips want to come out! So I headed to Rocky Point again ,I remembered there was this broken down wall I saw last time and I wanted to get a few shots of it…..

Seems like im stuck here on the same stuff…maybe its just the weather,would be nice to see flowers pop up,guess I just cant wait for it to get warmer….Bronica ETRSi  IlfordHP5 ,thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “12 / 52 rolls……Blah

  1. I have daffodils and grape hyacinths……..lots of sprouts after we started watering. we’ve had a drought this winter. But Spring Snows are supposed to be coming this weekend. March-May are often out heaviest snow months along the Front Range…….


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