30/52 Dunkin’ Do Not

I drove to the Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge in Middletown intending to shoot some long exposures with motion.  I have never done this before.  Most of the motion shots were overexposed, I used an app to calculate the exposures.   The sea was very violent today with huge rolling waves.  On the featured image one can see the waves crashing onto a rock assemblage that of course I walked to.  As I lay on my back to take a low shot the ocean enveloped me.  I shook myself off and of course continued shooting with my point and shoot camera that thankfully did not suffer from the “dunkin'”.  I have color images from it on the southerly part of the shore that I hope come out well.  These shots were taken with my treasured Leica M3 and 50mm summicron lens using a yellow filter on the traditional shots and a 10 stop nd filter on the too-long exposures.   I was not using the Leica when I got lathered.  The film is wondrous Adox Silvermax 100, developed in Silvermax 1:29 for 11 minutes.


11 thoughts on “30/52 Dunkin’ Do Not

    • Barnaby only 2 long exposures are in this series. The others were not presentable, grossly overexposed. The one with the breaking wave, I’m not sure. I think it was a few seconds maybe 3. It was a “mistake” where the release on the cable tripped before I intended. The other long exposure is 12 seconds. I had a 10 stop ND filter. Using the reciprocity app I downloaded from ITunes and using Delta 100 film (there was no Silvermax designation) I was given a 12 second exposure. 12 seconds was too long, I lost all texture in the water. I was not using a timer and I was freezing my arse off, so the longer exposure was probably 7 or 8 seconds, another slip from my lousy remote cable. On this one I got some detail. Next time I will bracket, using this 12 seconds at 100 as my guidepost of bad overexposure in cloudy sunlight. This is hard to do and the only way to get better is to keep trying and record the settings and weather conditions and learn from them. It was my first time with long exposures and film.

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