52 Rolls Week 10:52

A bit “Over Exposed” this week.  My XD-11 exposure setting knob was knocked off the set exposure and I didn’t notice right away.  My one pet peeve with the XD-11 is that the exposure dial can easily be knocked out of position.

So  I’ll have to reshoot most of the images on the roll, because I shooting them for a special project.

A tour of some of the back roads north of Boulder found us near a NOAA Research Site.  it was an interesting find.  These are quite large and have been used for deep space research in the past.

Another former government installation, and now Nature Preserve is the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.  Former home of the U.S chemical weapons arsenal (including nerve gas agents), manufactured and stored here.  The government has spent decades destroying the chemicals and restoring the land.  But remnants of the past remain:

An old bunker entrance to underground storage facilities.


And the landscape above, looking towards Mt Meeker and Longs Peak.

Tech Info: Minolta XD-11; Ilford HP5 film; developed and scanned by OldSchool Photo Labs.



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