Rolls 5 & 6 The project takes shape

Now that I’ve decided on a theme for this year (which includes not just the work I’m posting here, but instant and 35mm photography) I am having so much fun exploring the place I’ve lived for years and finding amazing stuff. I’m also enjoying getting to know my Diana, which is a much more competent camera than I had thought, being plastic and all. I guess that will teach me not to be so judgey. Roll 5 was Lomochrome Turquoise run through the Diana. I recently found out there is no more of this film, which I loved much more than the Lomochrome Purple. So now I’m hoarding the very few rolls I have left. I do love it for the seaside because of the way it renders blues. It also does some lovely color shifting with yellows.


Here’s a great example of the color shifting. These flowers were bright yellow.


The trash can was a brilliant royal blue. The trim on that lovely house was a light shade of lavender. That one makes me think of a beach house on the moon (or Mars).

This is my absolute favorite from this roll, and one of my favorites for the entire year so far. These two were sitting on the bench eating lunch at this beach overlook, when the kid suddenly donned a hot pink fright wig. This was the result.


Roll 6 was taken on the Pentax 67 and is the last you will see of this wonderful camera for a while. It is currently in the ICU at the camera repair shop and we don’t yet know if it will survive. Only a few from this roll turned out well. The film was Rollei 200c, cross processed (because I am proudly doing all my own color processing and scanning now). Doing everything at home makes me feel a lot freer to shoot whatever because the cost is so much lower. Also I am a hands on person, which is what drew me to film, and I love processes.

I did notice some of the shots got pretty grainy so I have cut down on the amount of agitation on subsequent rolls and it seems to make a difference.  The last is also one of my very favorites so far. You may see this particular location again. These colors are very true to the actual colors.

Pentax 67001

8 thoughts on “Rolls 5 & 6 The project takes shape

  1. Love these images. What is the theme that you have chosen for this year? I have a hankering for a Pentax 67. I held one last week and it is a big honkin’ piece of metal. My camera has one for sale with 3 lenses for a reasonable price…..i hope yours is repairable….Great job.


    • Thanks for the feedback! My theme is finding the weird stuff in alleys and backstreets of my beach town. While it has been on the pricey side for a while, things have gone crazy in the last few years and lots of little beach cottages are getting torn down and replaced by condos or McMansions, I’m trying to find and document this stuff – much of which I’ve never really seen even though it’s within a few miles of my house – before it disappears. I do hope the 67 survives because although it is a beast, it is worth its weight in film.


        • We are strictly a residential town. This has been going on for a while but the pace has accelerated many times over in the past two years. I’ve lived here over 30 years and while I myself have made money on real estate, this is just nuts. I’m trying to get photos of the really wacky and picturesque stuff before it goes.


  2. I’m not normally a fan of color shifted film, but I really like how these turned out. They almost remind me of color IR images.


  3. The Lomo Purple is meant to sort of mimic color IR but i like this set of colors better. I have shot color IR and it’s amazing but stupidly expensive. However…I have two rolls I’m hoarding and one of them might show up in this project.


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