52:500c – The Book

While my own 52-Roll project from last year is long done, it doesn’t mean I still can’t do anything with my photos. This past year’s project has been my favourite to date. With some ups and downs, and a little bit of love thrown in. So I decided that of all the years, 2016 would be the year I actually sit down and make a book of my images. And it finally is done and arrived.

You can pick up this handsome book online through blurb.com by visiting: www.blurb.com/b/7794697-52, and it starts at only 47.99$ USD!

Keep up the good work around here so far!

8 thoughts on “52:500c – The Book

  1. Fab ending to the project. I have always wanted to give Blurb a try but what with the usual excuses, haven’t. No need to list them I’m sure we all know them. I did do a MIXBOOK version for myself (on porches, one of my obsessions) and as giveaways and it was fairly quick & easy. Really like the starkly simple bookcover, well done.

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    • I’ve used Blurb for all my books including my five year epic photo/history project on the Anglo-American War of 1812. And thanks!


  2. We’ve thought about doing books. But haven’t taken any steps yet. Never have tried Blurb. We’ve used Shutterfly.


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