52 Rolls Week 11:52

Colorado is quickly becoming know for Craft Beers.  There are almost too many breweries.  I just visited a new one yesterday.  But We’ve also discovered another Beer Festival:  Hops and Handrails:


Over 65 Breweries and impossible to ample them all.  But we did our best.  Just a few of our favorites:

I particularly liked the Periodic Brewing (Pb) reference for the town of Leadville.  And it was nice to see breweries from the midwest represented.

The Handrails consisted of a Stunt Skiing Event.  Somewhat hampered by the warm weather, they trucked in snow from the mountains and gave it a real good try:

But the Harleys won fro the Best Ride:


Best of all we won Free Beer for a Year from the Host, Left Hand Brewery:


Free Beer consists of a Growler per month.

Tech Info:  Fuji Ga645Zi Camera; T-Max 400 B&W and Lomo 800 Color Films. Developed and Scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

Apologies that the first and last photos are from Cell Phones…….

We wanted a quick turn around.



6 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 11:52

    • It is amazing! But there are too many breweries here. You just have to pick a few favorites and stick with them. We will definitely become familiar with Left Hand, since they are giving us beer!


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