32/52 Beam Me Up Spottie

boatChair and Mirror


Not a great image but I believe I shot this at 1.4 trying to focus on the left-most mallet.  It was hard to achieve focus as it was sort of dim in the shed

god's doors

This is the god of all dust negatives



The collection of objects is very eclectic.  Had to repair another “bend”, did a bad job in the center.


I shot this twice and like this one better

This week I was given a beautiful Pentax Spotmatic SP kit.  Hard as I try, film cameras seem to gravitate this way.  I am immensely grateful for this beautiful camera.  I have come to love camera history and the Spotmatic has a grand place there, being the first camera to have through the lens metering.   Unfortunately the meter on this one does not work, but a hand held meter fills in the gap.  The shutter speeds seem to be accurate from my negatives.  I am especially glad to have this camera given the wonderful work my friend Kali Herdman performs with it using her mother’s passed-down Spottie.  The kit came with three beautiful Takumar lenses, a 50m F 1.4, 28mm F3.5 and 135mm F3.5.  These images were shot on April Fools Day usurped by cold rain salted with a smatter of snow. I used the 50mm lens.  It is a jewel as is the camera.  The camera is smooth and sure.  I like that I can rest my thumb on the winding lever for stability.  I did little to no editing of these images but for removal of dust on some.  This camera was a joy to use and I foresee using it often in the future.  Hard as I try, dust glues itself to negatives, perhaps someone can suggest a remedy for this.  The 50mm lens is sharp and contrasty and the 1.4 gives lots of low light flexibility caveated by the paper thin depth of field.  Film used was Ilford HP5+ and it was developed in Kodak HC 110 Dilution E.  I used my trusted Sekonic L398M meter, a great accurate tool.  This week I visited Peter Carvelli and we fiddled with 4 X 5 cameras in his basement, photographing some flowers.  I will probably use them for my next post regardless of the quality of the images.  I don’t have any acumen with large format, movements, etc., but I am keen to learn.  Until next week, Me.Spotmatic-2Spotmatic-3


Darn, I wish I had perused this picture to determine what this gathering was all about.


I can’t make out the year of this stamp but the chest appears to have traveled with its owner to Paris.


I think this shot was taken at F2.  I like the smoothness of the background.


I think this is part of a piston assembly, gathering weeds.


Simple, but I like this image.



This image in particular demonstrates the marvelous qualities of the Takumar 50/1.4.  There is a ghost in the right side.  HP5 is paper thin and I have a hard time spooling it on.  I tried using a metal spool but that was a mess, so I went back to the plastic spool and fed it through the ball bearings rather than winding it on.  Some bends resulted.


I shoot at this outdoor antique shop often.  Every time I return I find quirky objects like this wound-together skier.


This piece of china is in peril.



There are countless block and tackle systems littered in the yard.   This one is beautiful and is bonded together with an expertly chiseled center pin.  I imagine this inhabited the rigging of a sailing vessel or a supply ship at one time.


This sculptor has many pieces littered about the grounds.

15 thoughts on “32/52 Beam Me Up Spottie

    • Thank you Kali. I love going to this place. I give it a month, then go back and it’s full of more zany stuff. Inside is even better but I’m leary of asking the proprietor if I can use a tripod in there. He is kind enough to always let me wander around and shoot.


    • Thanks Andre. We really should meet up. A friend and I are going to shoot 4 X 5 on one of the upcoming weekends, you should join us. I am all thumbs with it but trying to learn. I will let you know when we schedule and if you are around we’ll hang out together.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes would love too … I drive for Academy bus motor coach so I’m on the road a lot but do get some time on weekends sometimes… yes let me know!


  1. I’m off on a trip to Scotland in a couple of weeks and will have plenty of time for pictures. I’ve been trying to decide which film to buy to take along – my stocks are pretty low.
    Your pictures have just made the choice – HP5 it is…


  2. Really enjoyed your images, that 50mm 1.4 looks to be a good one. I have the dust problem too, not helped by having 2 cats !, I found using demineralised water for all the chemicals helped, but I think a drying tent of some sort is what I need.


    • I was having luck steaming up the bathroom a lot. And I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Yes, some sort of drying container seems like the ticket. I have thought of using a clothes storage bag, one of the wide ones. It is my nature to obsess over solutions like this, I’ll come up with something.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Mary. The top 6 or 7 in the post were added as an afterthought. Focus or exposure was not as good as the later ones. I love going to this place and am glad for your appreciation of it too. The owner is very accomodating to me. I may try a few shots indoors next time if he is ok with it. I’m loving this Spotmatic.


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