Week 18: Purchased a Holga 120N

Walking in the other direction at the Beach, Toronto for more from the Winter Stations Design Exhibition and other sights along the way.

The Holga 120N uses 120 film and is one of my preferred formats, 6X6. I had to buy one.  While I love the dreamy and oh so soft edges,  I’m not so sure about the vignetting.  You may ask why I would buy a Holga knowing about the vignetting, but what can I say  😉 I will learn to like the vignetting as a trade off for the “dreamy”.

And yeah, week 18 and it’s spring.  I’ve made it through winter and the rest of the rolls will be no effort at all!

6 thoughts on “Week 18: Purchased a Holga 120N

  1. These are lovely. Strangely, I recently purchased one myself, after having Vien my last one away two years ago. You will be seeing posts from her soon, since my Pentax is still in the hospital and I needed some variety in the lineup. I feel the Holga gives not only dreariness but somehow, a greater saturation of color.

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    • They are fun little cameras and I like the results. I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t think a piece of plastic would be half as good! Look forward to seeing your Holga images.


    • Thanks Fraggy. Bright blue sounds so much cheerier than my standard black one. I’d love to get my hands on a glass lens model so I am hoping on my brother’s next trip to China he’ll pick one up for me. I can already hear him whining if the shopping list gets too long, LOL. Toronto has such little choice when it comes to film cameras.

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