33/52 Discouraged But Not Dissuaded

An amalgamation of shots from 2 cameras.  Mostly from Contax T2 but the brighter ones are from Leica M3.   I will supplement this post later with the film used, one of the films was one I have never seen before…..I accumulated quite a few rolls and the poor quality overall was quite discouraging to me.  I think it is an expression of a bit of stress I have been under and a lack of focus in the mind and through the lens.   I am discouraged but not dissuaded.  I shot some long exposure digital images this week and after experiencing film photography digital does not float the boat for me any more.  I am so glad I found film photography but understand that I have to continue to work at it and perhaps shoot when I am in a better state of mind.  Working on this project does force me to keep shooting so I can produce a post.  Just like life, ups and downs.

Portra (1 of 2)

This is one of few remaining drive-in movie establishments remaining in our parts.  I gotta take in a drive in next summer.

Portra (2 of 2)

A picture of a dude taking a picture.


Portra 2 (1 of 2)

This shot was with Contax T2.  It was taken after I was immersed by a huge wave holding the camera.  I did my best to clean the lens but it may have had some salt residue on it and led to some softness.   

Portra 2 (2 of 2)

I remember liking these white veins in the rocks.

Portra 3 (1 of 9)

Shot at Warren RI town beach with Leica M3 and 50 Summicron.  Kodak Portra 400.


Portra 3 (2 of 9)

Leica M3, Portra 400.


Portra 3 (3 of 9)

This is shot at Cove Cabin at Mount Hope Farm in my town, a publicly accessible beautiful old farm fronting on Mount Hope Bay.  It was owned by the Haffenraffer family who also built and owned the iconic Mount Hope Bridge that connected Aquidneck Island and Newport to Bristol’s peninsula.  The cabin was built from rough hewn wood from the property, right down to the branched door handles.  It will yield some good shots as the spring color comes in.  Not much on this gray day.


Portra 3 (4 of 9)

Leica M3.  Some broken shells on a boulder on the Mount Hope Bay shore.


Portra 3 (5 of 9)

On a table at Mount Hope Farm.


Portra 3 (6 of 9)

These rolls did a bit of wandering.  This was shot at the Melville Marine facility, home to Hinckley Yachts and many other great marine support businesses.  This plywood boat has seen better days but is a cool subject.


Portra 3 (7 of 9)

Shot on the side of a porch a block from my house.


Portra 3 (8 of 9)

This coffee shop is a block from my house and is one of my favorite places.  Everyone is friendly and the cafe itself is home to many young artists who display their work there.  I have taken many photos in the cafe over time.


Portra 3 (9 of 9)

What I remember from this shot is the wind and the cold and the sand flitting through the air.  Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

10 thoughts on “33/52 Discouraged But Not Dissuaded

  1. These are lovely. I never was a digital person, I actually came to film a few years ago by way of printmaking. I still feel I have a lot to learn but that’s one of the joys -like printmaking it has endless possibilities and allows for the hand of the artist to show. I also have many days and weeks where I just can’t make myself go out to shoot. But then I do, and I feel so much happier. Keep at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I certainly try. There were a lot of shots, I accumulated 8 color rolls altogether. I can’t say there were a whole lot of good ones in there. But from every success and failure, one learns. L.


  2. Love your shots! I have been in love with film photography for so long but I’m only now actually starting to try it out. They turned out quite differently than I expected, especially in the overall tones. Here’s to learning more as we go!

    Liked by 1 person

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