52 Rolls Week 12:52

A Panorama Adventure Part I:  When I started my Mamiya 7 feeding frenzy I saw a 35 mm Panorama insert on line and said, ‘what the heck, buy it and try it’.  It didn’t cost much (Compared to all the Mamiya 7 kit) I had so no harm done to the finances.

Sorry I didn’t take a photo of it in the camera, but I intend to shoot one more roll for a side by side comparison to my other panorama options. So I’ll show you how it woks next time.

From the Lake near my home. Snow capped Indian Peaks and Longs Peak on the horizon.


The NOAA Communications Dishes/Radio Telescopes.  You’ve seen this before.  The Mamiya 7 was in the car with me that day too.


Two views of the reservoir at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.  I had hoped to merge these but didn’t have quite enough overlap.  We go there often so I’ll try again.


Tech Info: Mamiya 7 with 35 mm Panorama Insert; T-Max 400 film.  Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.


3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 12:52

  1. Love the spirit of experimentation. I assume this is a mask of sorts that goes into the film chamber? How do you visualize what the Panorama will look like? Is there also some sort of framing line in the viewfinder? The creative potential of film never ceases to amaze.

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    • I’ll take pictures of the device “in camera” next time. Forgot to do it this time. I thought of it afterwards…….but the odd thing is you have to load the film before you can put the device in the camera. Took me some trial and error before I just looked up a manual online!


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