Canon 7s and 15mm f/4.5

Kate is back from Dubai, so a few of us got together for lunch & shooting.   I wanted to finish a roll in my Canon 7s.

I forgot how ridiculously wide the Voigtlander 15mm lens is.   It’s about 2x as wide as I remembered.



Seattle skyline


Kate shooting the skyline


Using the nifty rotating 3-lensed Lensbaby on her Fuji digital camera.



In the Kalakala’s former steering cabin.



Kalakala cam shaft.

It was fun, and fortunately not too many people around.

Like always, I’ll say that I need to shoot with this camera/lens combination more.    It’s fun, small and so wide!   Also, I love the shutter sound on the 7s.  There’s something really satisfying about some cameras’ shutter noise.


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