14- 15 rolls project

Very busy week so I’m combining weeks 14 and 15.Headed down to Washington D.C. for the cherry blossom parade, unfortunately there were no cherry blossoms because of the weather. First shots were around the Hotel when I went for a walk and inside the Pentagon City Mall….img261img267


inside the mall


Inside the mall



My office

img264These all btw were taken with my yashica mat……as I decided that I must take it off the shelf sometime and use it……and all were metered with the fotometerV2 app for iPhone……and of course,IlfordHP5. Next shots were taken at Arlington National Cemetery…..

Last one ,one of my favs…….even though I like them all…..love the yashica mat,120 format….and love the 6×6 also……till next time, peace,and thanks for looking.

4 thoughts on “14- 15 rolls project

  1. Washington DC is a beautiful city. I had a chance to visit it last fall and had a blast. Never got out to see Arlington or the Pentagon. But did spend a lot of time around the Mall and at the Smithsonian. I also had the chance to go out to Baltimore and Bladensburg.

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