52 Rolls Week 13:52

A Panorama Adventure Part II: Color images from the Horizon Perfekt.


You can view side by side comparisons of the viewing range for the Horizon vs. Mamiya 7 35 mm panorama insert HERE.


Some unfortunate streaking which could be due to scanning or development.  But since I’ve never had this problem with my Color Lab before, I’m wondering about the scan rate.  It was on a slower setting than I thought.Horizon_Perfekt

If you wonder what I mean by scan rate (roughly shutter speed equivalent), the Horizon Perfekt as shown above, is a swing lens panorama camera.  Here’s a summary of Swing lens panoramic cameras.

This was intended to be stitched together, but I didn’t have quite enough overlap.  also some odd angles, so I’ll have to be more careful with leveling next time.


And the Front Range from the park near my home……….

And the best of the rest:

Tech Info: Horizon Perfekt Swing Lens Panoramic Camera; Kodak Portra 160, developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.

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