Week 9: A weekend in Duisburg


In week 9 I was a little under the weather. That’s why I wanted to go away for the weekend; I was wondering if a change of scenery would be the cure to my winter blues. I ended up booking a hotel in Duisburg, Germany. My husband and I had been there before. It’s within driving distance from home, and I wanted to visit again because there are two sites I wanted to photograph. I took a few cameras, some rolls of film and my tripod and we went on our way.

On the first day we went to the city center, and I didn’t take many pictures. Back at the hotel I did try out the new Impossible Project Beta 3.0 colour film. I took my Polaroid SX-70 with me to the hotel hallway, put it on a little tripod and took a shot. The result surprised me, but I did like it a lot.


After a good night’s sleep and a breakfast we went on our way to visit the two sites I wanted to see. The first was Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain, an art installation in the south of Duisburg. It is built on the site of an old zinc factory, and it was a spectacular sight.

IMG_0019aNikon F90 and Kentmere 400 film

I ended up taking a lot of pictures, and at home I used my Impossible Instant Lab and Impossible Project Beta 3.0 film to make a collage from a phone picture.


After visiting Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain we went to the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord, a former coal and steel production plant that has been turned into a park. I’ve visited twice before already, but I wanted to go back to shoot some pinhole there. For some reason I am a sucker for industrial sites, even though I’m not a very technical person. I just love to see all the taps, valves, wheels, meters, cables and steel constructions. We walked around the park, looked inside the buildings to see the blast furnace and all the other industrial stuff and enjoyed the sun. I took loads of pics (again…), and we ended up having a nice meal at the visitors restaurant.

IMG_0072aIMG_0079aPinhole shots of the big turbines (still turning!) and gasometer. Holga 120PC and Rollei RPX 25.

IMG_0004aIMG_0025aIMG_0026aIMG_0033aNikon F90 and Ilford HP5 Plus

IMG_0003aIMG_0006aIMG_0019aIMG_0028aIMG_0033aNikon F90 and Ilford XP2

IMG_0030aIMG_0035aIMG_0036aNikon F90 and Kentmere 400

There’s plenty to see and do at the park. You can do some wall climbing, go scuba diving in the gasometer or visit a concert or play in the summer season. At night there’s a light show on some of the buildings, making it interesting for night photography as well. I love spending time there, and I’m sure I will visit again some day.

3 thoughts on “Week 9: A weekend in Duisburg

  1. I hope this cured your blahs. A lot of beautiful shots here. I particularly like what you did with the Impossible film. Is the Lab the device you buy to attach to your IPhone and print pictures from there? I might have to try it. I wasn’t nuts about my own results with the Beta color but the slightly off colors are perfect for your shots. I love the hallway carpet!


  2. The yellow hallway reminds me of the shining. What a fantastic place to shoot. I can’t believe they turned it into a park. Too many lawyers here in the states to allow people free access to somewhere like that.


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