34/52 F2 and Spottie

I love the Nikon F2.  It is stout and sure.  The marine and outdoor images were shot with a Nikkor 55 mm F2.8 macro lens that doubles well as a general purpose lens.  The shadow images and travel-lift bands were taken with a Pentax Spotmatic, 135 F 3.5 lens.   These cameras are both rich parts of photography history.  I am in love with the vintage Nikon and Takumar lenses.  The Nikon 55 is one of the sharpest manual lenses I have used.  The Takumar 135 also has outstanding sharpness and rendering. The images were shot over two days using Ilford HP5+ and developed in Kodak HC 110, Dilution B.  I had been trying dilution E but I like the sharpness from this cocktail better.  There are some shots of friends at the Village Tavern.  Gene Amelio is one of my mentors in the law, a brilliant and joyous man.  His arm is around Harry Hall a good friend.  On the left is Lou Xifaras my guitar teacher and his son George.  George cannot see but his awareness through sounds and touch are immense.  He loves it when we get together and I do too.  I have some color film to develop, need a new batch of chemicals.   I still struggle with color imaging but will keep trying.  This project is spurring experimentation with my old cameras.  I think for the remainder I will shoot one camera a week, if only because I forget what film is in them if I don’t finish a roll.  I now have some gaffer tape on the Nikon and Pentax cases to record the loaded film.

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