Roll 9 Isolette explores the town

Without the Pentax 67 which I had thought would be the centerpiece of my medium format year I’ve been forced to get better acquainted with the little Isolette, as well as the plastic ladies. It’s actually been good for me to loosen up. The Isolette, as I’ve mentioned, has some pretty imprecise shutter speed settings but so far results have been pleasing,. This roll of Ektar 100 continues my larger exploration of my town’s most defining characteristics, and how they’re changing. These first two show a lovely house obviously built by an Egyptophile, with the colors lovingly kept up.

These next few are a house I discovered at the midpoint of a obscure looping street with a fabulous view. The house looked abandoned and I marked it as one that would soon be going. There are so many of these places where elderly owners die and the place is immediately sold and scraped for the profit of both heirs and profiteers. You will see in subsequent posts that I was dead right (sorry) on this one.

The next one was an accidental triple exposure that I’m extremely happy with. If I’d tried to do this it wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well.


The next two are just typical vehicles you see in this part of town. They’re not abandoned. Lots of people in these out of the way spots are very low income despite the fact they are surrounded by multimillion dollar homes. Our “low income” housing is trailer parks (which have been there forever and many would like to get rid of) and six-or-more-adults to a two bedroom house acommodations.

Finally, here’s a sampling of some of the weird and wacky commercial offerings and eateries along one stretch of the coast highway.


See you next roll with more from the yoga, meditation, vegan and general weirdness capital of the US if not the world.

2 thoughts on “Roll 9 Isolette explores the town

    • Thanks. I do like the Ektar 100. Also overcast days near the beach seem to produce more saturated color than super sunny days.


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