35/52 No Grain No Glory

On April 18 I joined John Linton and Suresh Dagubatti for a photo walk along the paths I’ve carved so often in Providence.   I have “known” John for a long time but only from Facebook connections and met Suresh for the first time.  The weather was a bit gnarly with a fine drizzle and the light was flat.  But we were taking pictures and happy as clams.  This was my first time shooting with Ilford Delta 3200, loaded as the night blanketed the day.  I enjoyed the freedom extra film speed imparted to the hand-held images.  They are very organic and gritty and I like them.  Apparently Ilford DDX or Microphen are the preferred developers for this film.  Having neither I developed it in HC 110 dilution B.  I purchased the Delta 3200 at Hunt’s Photo.  They have stacks of TriX and HP5 on the shelf but two lonely rolls of Delta 3200 sat orphaned on the shelf’s edge.  It’s not a popular film as the inventory demonstrates.  I suppose I could have done more creative things with a tripod but I wanted to go stealth and made do with steadied hands.  I will shoot this film again soon.  Camera was my beloved Leica M3, 50mm Summicron.

8 thoughts on “35/52 No Grain No Glory

  1. This is Great. I was taking a Personal Vision class last fall, and one of the participants had some interesting manikin photos. But she didn’t follow-up with it as her project theme. Too Bad. Manikins are both interesting and creepy. Sort of like clowns…….


  2. These look great. The grain is wonderful. I’ve found that Ilford 3200 scans much better than it prints. I’ll have to try processing it in HC-110 too.


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